An Introduction To Speciality Coffee

April 10, 2021

Have you heard the term "speciality coffee" but not sure what it actually means? Well we've been chatting to the experts over at Balance Coffee who tell us exactly what it means to drink speciality coffee, and give us their best tips to make the most of your beans at home.
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If you’re interested in coffee, then you may have heard of the term ‘speciality coffee’. But what exactly does that mean?

To explain it simply, speciality coffee is the highest grade of coffee available. On the 100 point Coffee Review Scale, it will score 80 or more. This is very rare – only 3% of coffee worldwide is speciality grade!

This quality of coffee will have exquisite flavours and aromas. Don’t just think of a generic coffee flavour – we’re talking about fruity, floral, and chocolate-y flavours that will dance on your tastebuds! These combine with fragrant aromas like lavender, citrus and brown sugar to create a coffee experience that is truly out of this world.

If you want to make the most of speciality coffee, then we have a couple of top tips that are sure to revolutionise your morning brew. First of all, we always recommend grinding your coffee beans yourself. Our founder James compares the ageing of coffee to bread. If you leave bread out, oxygen immediately starts to affect its quality and texture. Coffee is no different! The flavours in coffee start to deteriorate as soon as the beans are ground. So make sure to grind your coffee beans immediately before you use them!

Secondly, you should try using filtered water. This might sound like a faff, but it really makes a huge difference. Think about it – a coffee is 90% water! Unfiltered tap water contains minerals that can negatively affect the flavour of your coffee, especially if you live in an area with hard water. This will also stop limescale from ruining any of your coffee brewing equipment.

And finally, when measuring out your coffee, you should always use a set of digital scales. This is a tip that our founder James swears by! To make a fantastic coffee, you need to have a proper coffee to water ratio (also known as a brew ratio). A standard brew ratio is 1 gram of ground coffee to 18 grams of water. You’ll never be able to get this precise a measurement if you don’t use a digital scale!

Now that you know all about speciality coffee and how to make it, why not try some of our coffee blends or single origin beans? They are all expertly roasted to ensure maximum flavour and aroma, and you can choose between pre-ground and whole beans.

Plus you won’t just be treating yourself – you’ll also be helping coffee farmers and the planet! Here at Balance Coffee we donate towards Project Waterfall with every purchase, and all of our coffees are ethically sourced. By buying our coffee, you’re directly helping improve coffee farmers’ lives.

And if you want to learn more about coffee, head to our blog! We’ve got tips and tricks, recipes, and more.

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