Coffee Martini vs Espresso Martini – Is There A Difference?

April 10, 2021

For our latest guest blog we've been speaking with the cocktail masters over at easy social cocktail co, who have been telling us all about their wakey wakey coffee martini - the low-carbon, pre-mixed alternative to your usual espresso martini.

easy social cocktail co produce ready-made cocktails and hard seltzers from their East London home, with the mission to make drinks that are easy, fun and hassle-free. Perfect for sharing with friends.
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coffee martini vs espresso martini – is there a difference? yes, says nate brown from easy social cocktail co.

espresso martinis taste best when the espresso is freshly made otherwise it can be flat, bitter or barely coffee flavoured – and then well, what’s the point? so with our pre-mixed ‘wakey wakey coffee martini’ we changed things up a bit to make something that we think is better tasting and better for the environment.

many espresso martinis use cheap vodka. it can be rather nasty, there’s not really much flavour to it and it’s just a bit harsh. but it makes sense to use a cheaper vodka if you’re using bitter espresso because you can just dial up the sweetness with sugar. but that overwhelms the coffee and then it all tastes a little bit one dimensional.

we wanted to do something that celebrates coffee. we have a coffee roastery next door and have ready access to their spent coffee grounds which are full of flavour, but would otherwise be thrown away. we source our base spirit from a distillery just down the road and use a cold brew method to extract the flavour. this gives us all those more nuanced notes of fruit, spice, chocolate and nuts that you get in brewed coffee plus the oils which create a creamy mouthfeel.

using locally sourced ingredients and this ambient extraction approach has the added benefit of making our coffee martini much better for the environment.

nothing needs adding to it – use about 100 ml and just give it a good shake and strain it into a glass. you can see from the froth because we’ve used so much coffee and we’ve let it infuse and infuse and infuse, it does become saturated with the oils. it will be slightly lighter in colour, but it’s much deeper and richer in flavour than your traditional espresso martini.

easy as that.

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