The Best Canned Wines For 2021

August 3, 2021

There’s been a huge new trend for canned wines this past year. They’re perfect for popping in your bag for a picnic or bringing to a summer BBQ - but are they both convenient and delicious? (Hint: yes!)
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Why drink canned wine?

There are so many reasons for choosing a canned wine over a traditional bottle of wine. First of all, they are extremely convenient. The small size of the cans means that you can easily bring them to a picnic or to a friend’s house. You also don’t need to bring a corkscrew or wine glasses!

The smaller size also means that you don’t have to commit to drinking a full bottle of wine. Instead, you can choose to drink just one or two, if that’s what you’d prefer. We love this – how many times have you opened a bottle of wine and then not finished it? Canned wines definitely help stop wine going to waste.

Speaking of waste, canned wines aren’t just convenient – they’re also sustainable! Cans are easily recyclable, and they’re much lighter than glass bottles. This actually makes a huge difference, because transporting cans will reduce the amount of fossil fuels burned during transport.

Finally, we’re big fans of canned wine because they’re down-to-earth. They get rid of all the unnecessary terms and rituals, and simply offer great wine at a great price. If you’ve always been a bit nervous about choosing wines (we can’t blame you!), then a canned one might be the perfect solution for you.

The Best Canned Wines For 2021

Here are 3 of our favourite canned wines that we think you should try!


This fabulous company is all about making wine more accessible. Their canned wines are perfect for taking to picnics, beaches and festivals – they go where glass fears to tread! They’re also committed to taking the guesswork and jargon out of wine.

We are particularly obsessed with Cannd’s Rosé Wine. Hailing from Catalonia, it is a beautiful pink Tempranillo Garnacha Rosé that is wonderfully fruity and creamy. Fabulous when simply chilled, it takes on a whole new life when drunk on the rocks.

All of their wines are vegan and come with a promise of no nasties, waste or nonsense! Now that’s a wine we can get behind.

Sipful Drinks

Next up is Sipful Drinks. Since May 2020, they have brought canned wines and cocktails with a conscience. They are dedicated to providing drinks that taste great and focus on sustainability – everything that a modern wine drinker needs!

The Sipful Organic Bubbles is the perfect canned white wine. Selected due to its lightness and subtle flavours, this wine balances delicate aromas with gentle carbonation. Trust us when we say that this wine is sophistication itself!

All of their canned wines (and cocktails!) are made using natural ingredients and organic wine. You’ve got to give them a try!


Finally, we have DEFY, one of the latest arrivals to Wildsip. They’re a small UK-based company that’s all about loving wine without pretension. They want great, delicious wine without the unusual terms and unnecessarily explanations – just like you do!

Their Organic Italian White Wine is exactly what it says on the tin. It’s a delicious Italian white wine that is tart and refreshing. This canned wine can be enjoyed any time, any place – it’s perfect for a picnic, a summer BBQ, or as a mid-week treat.

All their wines are Soil Association certified organic & vegan-friendly.

Will you be taking a canned wine to your next picnic or outdoor event? Let us know! And if you’re also interested in trying canned cocktails and hard seltzers, have a look through what’s now available!

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