The Best Ground Coffee Beans In The UK

July 4, 2021

It’s no secret that we love ground coffee! Delicious and convenient with just a cafetiere, (there’s no need to get out the coffee grinder!) it’s what wakes us up and keeps us going. But do we know what the best ground coffee is? Read on and we’ll tell you.
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What do we mean by best ground coffee?

There are lots of different factors when it comes to figuring out the best ground coffee in the UK. First of all, we need to take a look at the actual coffee beans! Coffee is graded by the Speciality Coffee Association and the Coffee Quality Institute. If the coffees score 80+, that means they can be called ‘speciality’ coffee.

This is a difficult grade to get! Only 5% of the coffee grown worldwide is classified as speciality-grade. It’s a real sign that the coffee is full of nuanced flavours, incredible aromas, and complex notes. In our eyes, the best ground coffee is always speciality-grade.

But that’s not the only important factor. It’s also vital that coffee roasters make the most of this delicious coffee! For example, do they roast their coffee fresh to order? Is the coffee roasted in a way that brings out all the flavours? These are difficult questions to answer! You’ll only really know that once you try the coffees for yourself.

Finally, we think that the best coffee goes beyond simply tasting good – it should also have a positive impact on the people and the planet.

What is the best ground coffee in the UK?

Well, after much taste testing, we think there are four main contenders!

Wildsip’s Best Ground Coffee Reviews

North Star Coffee Roasters

North Star is a coffee company with a genuine desire to help people and the planet. They not only pay a premium price to their farmers, they also support community projects and NGOs that are committed to improve the lives of coffee farmers.

But they don’t just do good – they also create coffee that tastes good! We particularly love The Docks House Blend. It’s a coffee blend that emphasises the chocolate and nut notes plus a creamy hint of butter. It’s a real crowd-pleaser, as it’s a beautiful coffee both drunk black and with milk.

Quality, precision and consistency are extremely important to North Star – and you can really taste it in their ground coffee.

Balance Coffee

Sustainability is at the heart of everything Balance does. For every coffee sold, they plant trees every month to offset the harmful effects of CO2, and they donate 1% to Project Waterfall, a coffee charity which helps provide clean water to coffee growing communities.

If you had to try just one coffee from Balance, we recommend their Rotate Espresso. It has notes of caramel, apple, nuts and yellow plums. The first of their fruity seasonal espressos, Rotate begs to be used in lattes, coffee cocktails, and more!

Balance believes that drinking sustainable coffee isn’t a choice – it’s a necessity.

Coldblow Coffee

The finest speciality-grade coffee is roasted by hand at Coldblow Coffee. They source their green coffee beans from the best speciality importers and work directly with farmers in an ethical, responsible and transparent way. They help to provide financial incentives and support so that coffee farmers can produce the best ground coffee.

We recommend their Frameworks Espresso Blend which is made from a blend of Brazilian, Colombian and Ethiopian coffee beans. It has fabulous notes of chocolate and praline, with red fruit sweetness and a bright acidity.

Every one of their coffees has a long and honest story that travels from the tropics to the UK. Their coffee has seen love, and now it’s over to you!


Here, expertly crafted coffee meets social responsibility.

From their ethically sourced high-grade coffee, carefully selected from small-scale farms around the world, to their state of the art roasting facilities – NewGround is all about perfecting coffee. They also provide jobs for ex-offenders, giving some of the most overlooked people in society a new beginning.

We want you to try their Zukuka Bora coffee from Uganda. This juicy and bright coffee is full of the flavours of lemon, wine gums and black cherry. It’s part of the Zukuka Bora Coffee Project, where the profits are used to support the JENGA Community Development NGO. They assist with projects ranging from education, clean water schemes, savings groups, and wider farming support.

As you can see, these are just four amazing places to get the best ground coffee in the UK. And they’re all right here on Wildsip! Try them today, and let us know how they transform your morning cup of coffee.

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