Welcome to Wildsip

March 30, 2021

Welcome to the Wildsip blog. A place where we share stories, insights and general good vibes from our amazing sellers, plus the occasional ramble from us.

We thought we'd kick things off with a little intro to Wildsip and our journey so far. We hope you enjoy!
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What is Wildsip?

We’re more than just an online marketplace. We’re a space where people come together to discover incredible craft drinks which are made with love.

From the beginning…

During the first Covid-19 lockdown in 2020, we were struck by how much we were missing the simpler things that we used to take for granted during normal times, especially when it came to drinks. We always loved being able to go out and try new products and brands directly from breweries, distilleries, coffee roasters and more – so when we weren’t able to do that, we wanted to bring that experience online. If we couldn’t go to the producers, then their products would have to come to us!

We also realised how many producers were so dependent on trade business (e.g. being stocked in cafes, pubs, farm shops and more), who had to shift their businesses entirely online in order to stay afloat. We wanted to build a platform where smaller brands could easily do that without needing a huge budget or loads of resources. A place where they could continue to reach new customers online, without breaking the bank!

We love craft drinks, so we wanted to do whatever we could to ensure that they’d be able to thrive during this particularly difficult time. After all, there’s nothing quite like the love and passion that us Brits have for our food and drink!

The journey so far

One of the first things we wanted to do was to figure out the best way to work with craft producers. We were drawn to the marketplace model as it allows brands to set their own prices and manage their own product listings. Unlike supermarkets or other large sellers, this means that the producers maintain control, with absolutely no pressure from us to drop prices or list items that they don’t want to.

After that, we had to find our sellers! This was the easy bit, because there are so many independent producers who make drinks out of sheer love and dedication to their craft. When you combine producers who use great ingredients and adapt traditional methods for making them (or create their own!) you really do end up with some amazing products.

Even from early on, it was amazing to work with people from around the UK who want to share their brand with others. It’s so refreshing to talk to real people, rather than big, corporate businesses who are full of jargon! Small business owners have built their brands from scratch, simply because they love their product – just like us.

And they all seem to have great stories and messages behind their products, too!

So why shop with us?

Even better? Working so closely with these fantastic producers means that we can provide an amazing platform for you to discover and buy from them!

Buying directly from our fabulous craft sellers has a range of benefits for you and the producer. Firstly, you’ll be buying at a better price. We don’t mark-up any of the products listed, which means more of the profits go straight back to the producer. It’s always great to know that your purchase is helping the people who have put their love and energy into their product.

Secondly, using Wildsip means that you’ll be getting fresh products, sometimes just days after they’ve been made. Many of our products use all-natural ingredients, which always taste better if they’re not sitting around on a supermarket shelf for ages! Buying directly from the craft producer means that you’re getting them straight from the source. It doesn’t get fresher than that!

And finally, one thing we’re really passionate about at Wildsip is discovery – with such a wide range of independent producers, we’ll help you discover new brands and products that you might not have heard of. When shopping at a supermarket, it’s easy to buy the same products week after week. We can help you get out of that rut and discover some of your favourite new drinks. At the time of writing, we have over 50 independent brands and over 270 products available on Wildsip – and we’re adding more every week!

What’s next for Wildsip?

We are continuing to provide an environment where we champion small brands over the big global players. Although supermarkets and platforms like Amazon can push products to the masses, it means that independent producers have to compete with huge brands who can afford to cut their margins or run huge ad campaigns. With your help, we’re continuing to stand against that, as well as champion the passion and innovation behind many of these smaller British brands.

We also want to help our producers tell their own stories. Behind every product and brand on Wildsip, there are people who have a story to tell, which we want to share with you. It’s incredible to see how new brands are able to put a modern twist on traditional drinks (such as beer, cider, and spirits!), and how they are also leading the charge with new trends such as cocktails and hard seltzers.

Finally, we want to build more than just a marketplace for our sellers – we want to become a real hub for craft drinks. Wildsip is a place where we gather stories, celebrate traditions, and look forward to the exciting future of craft drinks.

We look forward to helping you discover our incredible range of brands and products. If you want to learn more about Wildsip and our partners, then click here!

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