Sunday Seltzer



Sunday. Session. Celebrations.
Discover. Revel. New locations.
Treat your sweetheart. Cheer your team.
Meet an old friend or new squeeze.​

Music in. Laughter out. Carry on. Dance. Shout.
Smell the roses. Scorch the weeds.
Friends and family. Parks. Seas.​

Lay low. Roll deep. Work hard. Cook. Sleep.
Sip and savour. Refresh. Unwind.
Sunday Seltzer. Sunday vibes.​

We launched Sunday Seltzer Co. with the goal of creating a drink that would help celebrate a lighter lifestyle. As an East London based drinks company we burst onto the scene with three breakthrough flavours: Pineapple & Ginger, Lime, and Watermelon, that each blend real fruit juices and extracts with fresh sparkling water and a 5% alcohol kick. Sunday Seltzer champions a lighter lifestyle: their hard seltzers are gluten and dairy free, vegan friendly, and use all natural ingredients.

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